Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Closer to the End

Well the week has finally come where I can get back to work.  Plan is to go back on Wednesday, and to say I am excited is an understatement.

This weekend proved, if you do too much you regret it later..even though I learned that last week- I thought my energy was up.  One doesnt realize that when you do nothing for over a body adjusts to that.  So me who I feel is very active, gets exhausted over simple things. From making dinner or a quick trip to Home Depot, when you are not use to bites you in the butt.

I can say I am happy to finally be at this week, but scared as well.... who knows when the next episode will happen...though I have had no bleeding since last Friday, I have been, (sorry for the TMI) still having frequent brown spotting which my MFM said is good, and severe cramping...  I hope that I won't deal with any more episodes for a few months...though I know that once you are diagnosed with PP, and have had a bleeding episode...its not a matter of if you bleed again...but when...almost like a walking time bomb....what a great prognosis....

I must say today is a good day for my poor cleaning company which we use about once a month since I went through the IVF in July, is here to save us from all the dirt that has been piling up... I think I will be using them bi-weekly from now end so its less work for Bryan...and less stress for me, since I know I shouldn't be doing it...

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